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Property Consultancy

Rode's property consultancy work covers a wide spectrum.

As consultants, Rode & Associates are often called upon to do difficult tasks. So for instance in 1990 Rode analysed and forecast the property market in Maseru for the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC). This project involved, inter alia, forecasting demand trends in Maseru. In 1998 Rode valued the real estate component of some of the Aventura holiday resorts for one of the privatisation-bid companies, viz. Phalafala Leisure. This also involved repositioning these resorts and then estimating their property values.

Other examples of consultancy work done by Rode are:

  • The writing of a macro overview of the South African housing market for the national Department of Housing.
  • Demand forecasts for specific office nodes and flats markets.
  • Forecasts of rental levels using econometric modelling.
  • Property-portfolio analysis.
  • Long-term forecasts of property values in South Africa.
  • An analysis of the property market in various Free State towns, including Bloemfontein.
  • Acting as an expert witness in arbitration and litigation.

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