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Rode has a few options available for sponsorship:


1.  Rode-REIM Real Estate Conference

Rode and REIM (Real Estate Investor Magazine) will once again join forces for the 2017 fproperty conference events. 

The Rode-REIM events consist of two full-day events (Johannesburg and Cape Town) and option for one half-day event (Durban).  The conference events are mostly attended by investors, property professionals and institutions.

2.  Rode Review (our monthly e-newsletter)

This monthly newsletter is sent to approximately 3 650 subscribers and contains the e-mail addresses of some of the most important players in the South African property market.

We shall display your company brand name and house colours prominently on the newsletter.

The newsletter can be sponsored for a period of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  It is sent out monthly from February to December – no newsletter in January. The exact wording of the sponsor’s message on our monthly e-newsletter will be a joint decision by the sponsor and Rode. The message might have a link to the company website or a landing page.

3 months:  R11 025 + VAT
6 months:  R17 025 + VAT
12 months:  R25 525 + VAT

3.  Rode’s website – News area

The news area on Rode’s website can be sponsored for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, this includes the entire news area and will carry ubiquitous company branding. The advertisers will supply logos / design themes from their own website to be incorporated in the Rode news area.

3 months:  R15 000 + VAT
6 months:  R22 500 + VAT
12 months:  R35 000 + VAT

4.  Branding of front page of Rode’s Report

Special company branding on the front page of the quarterly Rode’s Report.  This equals R575 per copy. The company can of course choose the exact number of copies, which would affect the price.  However, a minimum of 50 copies must be taken. The idea is to distribute these company-branded Rode’s Reports to staff/clients and stakeholders of your company.

50 copies:  R28 750 + VAT per year.

Should you require more information or should you have any queries which you would like to discuss, please contact me on 021 946 2480 / 082 323 5799 or send an e-mail to lynette@rode.co.za.