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Rode's Report on the South African Property Market


Digital only

Quarterly. Colloquially known as "The Rode Report". Analyses and reports on most sectors of the property market in the major, and some secondary, cities in South Africa. It covers, inter alia, trends and levels of rentals and standard capitalization rates by property type, grade, node/township, the listed real estate market, and building construction costs and building activity. Excludes the retail property market.


The 2018:3 issue of RR has been made available as a demo. Click on the link below to view it:

Rode's Report on the SA Property Market > (PDF, 3978 KB)                

Price in 2020

R5 350 + VAT per year for four digital issues. 

To subscribe to the above publication, please feel free to contact Juwayra Januarie on 021 946 2480 or send e-mail to juwayra@rode.co.za.

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