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Property News

The drivers of house prices revisited


The normal short-term factors that drive house-price inflation are economic growth (real growth in disposable household income) and interest rates, as both affect affordability. Economic growth also tends to create new jobs, which boosts the demand for housing, and if the supply side (new developments) cannot keep up, prices accelerate. In a booming economy, this lag time is a real problem as the gestation period of new residential estates is about four years.

South Africa can be proud of its cadastre


The following report appeared on 16 March 2019 in the English version of the Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

The drivers of house prices


The house market is not a global market like commodity markets. Thus, if house prices in Cape Town are cheap relative to Melbourne, potential buyers of houses in Melbourne do not flock to Cape Town, thereby pushing up prices in Cape Town. Put differently, fixed properties – with the emphasis on ‘fixed’ – are not globally tradeable or transportable like crude. Because one cannot live in Cape Town and commute daily to Melbourne, prices in Cape Town will not eventually – through arbitrage – equate those in Melbourne. But one can buy Saudi-Arabian crude (a transportable commodity) and deliver it in South Africa.

High flat vacancy rates put rentals under pressure


Investing in flats used to have the advantage that vacancies were as a rule extremely low. Not anymore.

Property valuers Rode & Associates has once again been recognised for its outstanding expertise in property valuation.


The Cape Town-based company received a total of six Diamond Arrow awards, representing 1st overall in each of six categories. In a seventh category it achieved a Golden Arrow award.

Rode & Associates receives top honours in PMR.Africa Awards


Following its recent annual national survey on property valuers in South Africa, PMR.Africa has recognised Cape Town-based property valuers Rode & Associates with seven awards, including the coveted Diamond Arrow Award (1st overall) in the four categories of Commercial & Industrial, Residential, Retail and Agricultural Valuations.

Office buildings: Some thoughts on the decentralization trend in SA


Worldwide, the tertiary or services sector of the economy -- manned to a large extent by knowledge workers -- is growing much faster than the manufacturing of goods (secondary sector) and the production of raw materials in the primary sector (agriculture and mining). South Africa is no exception, which goes a long way explaining the widening income gap between the poor and well-off. It’s all about knowledge and education.

Property sector returns still weak, but green shoots are emerging


The property market performed slightly better in the second quarter of 2018, with rentals picking up for several property types. However, the sharp fall in listed property total returns in the first six months of 2018 is probably more reflective of the bleaker state of the property market, according to the latest Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market released in July.

City of Cape Town Spatial Development Frameworks, 2012 and 2018: Evaluating the approach to spatial planning


Erwin Rode and Berchtwald Rode contemplate the last two 5-year Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs) of the City of Cape Town and identify differences in the approach to spatial planning.

Inclusionary housing: The risks and opportunities


Erwin Rode contemplates the law of unintended consequences when inclusionary programmes are introduced in SA and comes up with some practical suggestions