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Property News

Falling import volumes could place a damper on industrial-rental growth


For now, the current cooling in the growth of retail sales volumes and contracting import volumes do not bode well for the demand for warehouse space to rent, and consequently market rentals.

Tighter credit standards darken outlook for houses


The leading business-cycle indicator continues to signal that even weaker economic activity should be expected, which bodes ill for the housing market.

Office vacancy rates at lowest level in seven years


Prime office vacancy rates in Cape Town decentralized are at their lowest level in more than seven years.

Low business sentiment levels undermining prospects for industrial rental growth


Prevailing weak and low levels of business sentiment are set to keep the demand for industrial space at bay, and the outcome of this will be continued moderate growth in market rentals for industrial space.

Industrial properties desperately need a turnaround in the manufacturing and retail sectors


Until there is a significant turnaround in the performances of the manufacturing and retail sectors, strong growth in industrial market rentals cannot be expected.

Poor prognosis for office space


Nationally, office vacancy rates are finding it hard to drop. And, given the under-performance of important drivers of office demand, a sudden improvement in office vacancy rates should not be expected.

Rode-REIM Real Estate Conference 2015


Airplane South Africa is stalling and the passengers are getting edgy. No, there is no panic yet as the oxygen masks haven’t dropped from the ceiling. But property investors should be wary.

Driver of SA economy is collapsing


Over the past few decades the tertiary (services) sector of the SA economy has been growing in relative importance – as has been the case in the developed world. Anomalously, this has happened in a country where inexpensive labour should have driven the secondary sector (manufacturing) – as in Asia. The anomaly can perhaps be explained by the fact that since the 1970s, our labour has gradually become too expensive relative to Asia, and on top of that entrepreneurs have seemingly lost their appetite for risk-taking in a country where investment horizons are becoming shorter and shorter on the back of rising macro risk.

Rode & Associates receives top honours in national survey

25 May 2015

Property valuation firm Rode & Associates, has been honoured with top awards from the authoritative publication Professional Management Review (PMR.africa) in this year’s 2015 PMR.Africa rankings. The company received the Diamond Arrow Award in the Retail Valuations, Residential Valuations and Municipal Valuations categories; the Golden Arrow Award in the Agricultural Valuations and Specialised Valuations categories; as well as the Silver Arrow Award in the Commercial and Industrial Valuations category.

A tale of three cities


At the end of last year, house prices in Cape Town and Bloemfontein were accelerating, while the exact opposite was happening in Port Elizabeth – this according to the latest Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market.