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Property News

New homebuilding prospects waning again


It is easy to understand why building activity tends to track house prices. It has to do with demand and supply, and the profit margin of developers. Economists call it the price mechanism. In a free market, a deficit of supply relative to demand results in price increases, which pushes up the potential profit margin of developers, which triggers new supply, courtesy self-interested developers.

A bitter pill for a struggling industrial property market


Disappointing, although not entirely unexpected, was the waning in overall economic growth in the third quarter of 2010.

Steady vacancies signal slight reprieve for office rentals


The latest Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market reveals that the upward march of office vacancies is seemingly losing momentum. This, says editor John Lottering, holds out hope for office landlords that market rentals will soon stabilise.

Improved vehicle sales a boon for industrial property vacancies


Great news for the Port Elizabeth industrial property market has been the resurgence, from the ashes, of new-vehicle sales.

Office vacancies seemingly leveling off


After showing the strains of weak economic activity for a number of quarters, office vacancies in both the decentralized and CBD markets are seemingly levelling off.

Industrial vacancies still on a par with longterm averages


A look at industrial vacancy trends shows that there is, as yet, no need for industrial property investors to panic and make friends with their bankers.

Property markets still hibernating


The property markets across the board are still in hibernation mode, according to the latest Rode’s Report on the State of the Property Market.

The driver of malls’ success turns the corner


Some cause for optimism for shopping-centre landlords has been the recovery in retail sales volumes over the past few months.

Market rentals showing impact of tougher economic times


The effect of the economic downturn on market rentals has now become strikingly evident.

Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market 2010:1


Overall, the growth in market rentals for office space is still weak. According to the latest Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market, this is especially evident in Cape Town (6%) and Johannesburg (4%) decentralized, where rentals were, on average, lower than what they were a year ago. But, this comes as no surprise in light of the faster northward march of prime-office vacancies in these two decentralized regions.