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Property News

Industrial rentals in the red


The effects of softer economic activity on the demand for industrial space to rent, and consequently market rentals, are becoming strikingly evident.

Rental markets continue to wane in spite of SA’s emergence from the recession


In spite of the technical emergence of the economy out of the recession, the latest Rode’s Report on the Property Market (quarter 2009:4) reveals that rental markets in particular continue to feel the pinch of weak economic conditions across the commercial, industrial and residential arenas.

Latest Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market shows scant improvement


While property’s PR machine may have started talking about green shoots appearing, the facts reveal that the brakes − in terms of the growth in market rentals − are being applied more firmly now. This is according to data revealed in the latest Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market.

Poorer distribution prospects for listed property sector


Even as the income streams of listed property funds are still showing fairly robust growth, softer direct-property fundamentals will most likely hinder future distribution.

Industrial rental and stand value growth fizzling out


Industrial rental growth in all of the major industrial conurbations is fizzling out, with growth in stand values following suit.

Rode Conference warns of rocky road ahead but opportunities do exist


Speakers at this year’s popular annual Rode Property events countrywide had stern predictions for both residential and non-residential markets, with participants debating whether or not the ‘green shoots’ starting to appear in various sectors of the market are revealing any real indication of an upswing from rock bottom.

Why we should be sceptical about the house market


There are many optimists out there who predict that house prices will start to recover by the end of 2009. Let’s think this one through.

Prevailing property storm to be taken on at this year’s Rode events


The past few years have seen the winds of change blow through the property market, dramatically shifting the directions taken by investors and other property owners. The 2009 Rode & Associates annual conference and breakfast events have thus been tailored to help the industry weather the storm and plot a viable course for the future.

Health of building industry requires intensive care says latest Rode’s Report on SA Property Market


Good news in the latest Rode’s Report is that office rentals have, thus far, remained fairly resistant to the scourge of the economic slowdown.

Is affordable housing facing a subprime crisis?


The most recent residential property indices released by Lightstone indicate that the latest victim of the market downturn could be the one segment that has until now withstood the fallout.