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Welcome to Rode's Property Valuations

Overview of Rode's Property Valuations

As one of South Africa's largest valuation firms, Rode annually values properties with a total market value of more than R6 billion (about $900 million US). These properties include shopping centres, agricultural property, houses, non-residential property and bare dominiums.

Using scientific methods instead of forecasting

Rode’s property valuation services are underpinned by the rigorous surveying of market rental levels and capitalization rates to ensure uniform and realistic market valuations in South Africa. The results of these surveys are published in three research journals which include Rode's Report – used as a key reference source by property practitioners.

Rode's valuation approach largely avoids forecasting and subjectivity by using capitalization-rate estimates based on regression models and techniques, and the opportunity cash flow (OCF) method. It thus combines discounting and capitalization.

Portfolio of valuation services:

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