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Why use Rode?

Photo of Erwin Rode and valuer

Professional property valuations: For any property investor, there is no substitute for a well-researched, professionally presented property valuation. Rode has been involved with property valuations since its inception 25 years ago, and is arguably one of the largest independent valuations firms. From listed property funds, to property syndications, to the individual property investor – there is no type of valuation that Rode hasn't done.

Research-based expertise: We have built up a formidable database of property statistics and valuation tools, which aid us in our valuations. For due diligence property valuations, Rode's quality and in-depth research is unparalleled. For auditors, auditing financial statements with property valuations done by Rode offers peace of mind that the properties will be properly reflected at realistic values. Rode's intellectual capital is made accessible to the property industry via numerous publications issued by Rode.

Unique overview of property market: Rode operates nationally. As a result, we have a unique overview of the South African property market.


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