Rode's field of expertise includes property valuations, real estate economics, property research (various Rode publications), property consultancy and town planning. As one of South Africa's largest independent property valuation firms, Rode has over the past twelve months valued property with a total market value of more than R30 billion.

These properties include:

  • Shopping Centres: Rode is considered one of South Africa's premier shopping-centre valuers.
  • Agricultural property
  • Commercial and industrial property: Rode provides listed companies, private companies and financial institutions, amongst others, with non-residential property valuations.
  • Bare dominiums
  • Specialised properties

Why use Rode's valuation services?

Rode's valuation approach is underpinned by, inter alia, iregular and rigorous market surveys, capitalization rate estimates based on regression models and techniques, and the opportunity cash flow (OCF) method. This ensures uniform and realistic market valuations, and largely avoids forecasting. In addition, Rode operates nationally which results in a unique overview of the South African property market.

Rode performs all types of valuations for our clients, from DCF to income capitalization to comparable sales, as well as everything in between. Rode is currently the annual top performer in the awards which recognises excellence in the industry.



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