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Established in 1987, Rode & Associates (Pty) Ltd. is a South African firm specialising in real estate economics, property valuations, property research and property consultancy. It is also one of the large independent property valuation (real estate appraisal) firms in South Africa.

Rode introduced to South Africa the regular, rigorous surveying of market rental levels and capitalization rates through the expert-panel method of polling — a crucial and first step towards more uniform and realistic market valuations by the property industry in South Africa.

The results of these surveys are published in several research journals. Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market – the flagship amongst these publications – is published quarterly and describes the state of the property market. It is an authoritative reference source for valuers, estate agents, property portfolio and fund managers. Rode’s Retail Report on South Africa reports on the state of the retail property market by analysing the most recent sales and trading-density statistics.

Rode’s SA Property Trends — contains a 6-year forecast of the market, using Rode’s unique econometric forecasting models, the results of which are updated every six months. Rode also maintains a database of property time series – Rode’s Time Series. The quarterly surveys date back to the end of 1987, and Rode now updates about 6 000 unique property time series every quarter.
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Who are we?

Rode is a property-consultancy and property-valuation firm that exists by virtue of its ability to help its clients better understand their markets or better manage their products or services through relevant research and realistic valuations. The unchanging core values that drive us are pioneering methodologies, creativity, integrity and excellent customer service. Our vision is to remain the undisputed experts and leaders in residential and non-residential valuations in South Africa.

Rode was also responsible for a number of other property 'firsts' in SA:


The development of regression models to estimate the capitalization rates of office properties, industrial properties and shopping centres.


Special methodologies to value income-producing properties.


A further refinement to the valuation of bare dominiums.


A further refinement to the valuation of land with residential township potential using the direct-

comparison method.


The Rode House Price Index was first developed in 1985. For cost reasons, this index has now been discontinued.


Forecasting office, industrial and flat rentals and demand, capitalization rates, house prices, building costs, fixed investment in buildings and the long property cycle, which has a duration of 15-20 years. The model's outputs are regularly published in Rode's publications.


The regular surveying of market rental levels, land values, operating costs and capitalization rates.

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