Property Publications

property publications

Rode’s property economics department produces four research publications. In order to do this, it surveys the national property market every quarter, then interpret and publish the data. It forecasts the market using Rode’s unique econometric forecasting model.

Rode’s Report on the South African Property Market

Rode’s Report analyses and reports on most sectors of the property market in the major, and some secondary, cities in South Africa. It covers, inter alia, trends and levels of rentals and standard capitalization rates by property type, grade, node/township, the listed real estate market, and building construction costs and building activity.

Rode’s Property Time Series

Use Rode’s reliable historical data to substantiate your own research, strategic decision-making and presentations. This electronic database provides on-line access to more than 2.000 property-related time series. The time series includes – by node – key property time series like capitalization and escalation rates, residential and non-residential rentals and market values for industrial stands.

Rode’s Retail Report on South Africa

Rode’s Retail Report on South Africa reports on the state of the retail property market by analyzing the most recent retail sales, as well as trading-density statistics produced by Sapoa. Retail property information includes street-front shop rentals per m² by size for about 120 street-front micro-locations in six metropolitan areas.

Rode’s South African Property Trends

‘Trends’ is aimed at general management — where strategic decisions are taken — and property investment analysts who are involved in asset allocation and viability studies. Valuers who use forecasting in their valuation method would also find it indispensable. It is a unique, statistically-based analysis and contains a forecast of all key indicators affecting the property market and property investment – over the next 5 years.

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