Why use Rode?


What sets Rode apart from its competitors?

  • We are more than just property valuers and we are more than just property economists; we also have a GIS function. Thus, we are an integrated property-research company.
  • As valuation companies go, we are large. This means we are more flexible in delivering to our clients than a one-man operation, and we have more depth in expertise.
  • Since 2016, Rode’s valuation division has been the OVERALL top performer in the annual pmr.africa awards.
  • We have high credibility with banks.
  • As property economists, we are also researchers of the property market, which is the core element of valuation.
  • As property economists, we have created thousands of unique quarterly property time series, some of which go back more than three decades. We use these in our valuation practice and rent them to clients who want or can do their own research.
  • As property economists, we publish a suite of unique researched property journals. The best known of these is Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market.
  • All our professional valuers are post-graduates.
  • The annual Rode-REIM property conference, which has been held for many years.